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MX-Contact.NET is a web-based CRM system with a user interface that matches that of Microsoft Outlook Web Access, so that it is easy to learn for someone who is familiar with Outlook or OWA.

MX-Contact.NET is essentially 2 products in one, namely:

  1. A stand-alone web-based CRM product which can be used in a hosted ASP-type environment or installed by the client themselves using their own SQL Server(s).

  2. A web client for the SQL Server-based Editions of MX-Contact. Any remote user wishing to update MX-Contact (SQL Edition) from an internet café, hotel room etc. may do so using MX-Contact.NET. Only Internet Explorer is required on the remote computer. No client software is required at all.

MX-Contact.NET utilises the identical SQL database to the SOHO Standard, SOHO Advanced and Enterprise Editions of MX-Contact. Thus all data captured and edited within the SOHO/Enterprise Edition is visible and updateable over the internet via MX-Contact.NET.

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